Welcome at BJ Boerboels

The name is simple: the 1st letters of our first two Boerboels, Bayo en Jess.

We are Theo and Carin. We live on a farm in the middle of the village Dreumel and that lies in ‘Het Land van Maas en Waal’, between two big rivers in the Netherlands (Holland).

All of our lives, we have been doglovers. Through the years several breed have entered our home, like the Rotweiler, St.Bernards, Jack Russels etc. The company, the warmth and the kindness we have had and still have, are indispensable for us.

What us addressed the most, when we met the Boerboel for the first time, was its appearance: what a splendid dog. The powerful, proud construction, incredible. We were in love… and then that wonderful devotion to their bosses, to be jealous of. They stand unconditional for the family.

We have read a lot about this breed and visited many websites and came to the conclusion that a dog like the Boerboel is very, exceptional.

When you own a Boerboel you understand what I mean.

At the moment we are the proud owners of 6 beautiful Boerboels: Raya, Chenoah, ED and Eve,Geke,Hope and our newborn puppy Mieke. Take your time to look around on our website, so you can see and read everything about our dogs.


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BJ Boerboels

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Theo & Carin Willems
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